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Last Stop For Lost Property: Image

last stop for lost property

13 minutes

deep in the belly of the new york city subway system, there is a home for the thousands of forgotten items daily commuters leave behind. sonny drayton introduces us to the inner workings of the lost and found office, reflecting on what it means to lose and be lost underground.

screened at:

san francisco independant short film festival, 2020 (winner of jury prize for best documentary)

better cities film festival, 2020 (winner of best human story award)

florida film festival, 2021

ashland independant film festival, 2021

thomas edison black maria film festival, 2021 (winner of jury's citation award)

las cruces international film festival, 2021

salem film festival, 2021

vimeo staff pick, november 2021


last stop for lost property is a short documentary created as part of the uniondocs 2019 collaborative studio

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Last Stop For Lost Property: Text
Last Stop For Lost Property: Pro Gallery

director:  vicente cueto
producer: emily packer
art director: rachel winton
editor: benjamin stillerman & vicente cueto 
cinematographer: emma yi & vicente cueto 
audio producer & soundesigner: elyse blennerhassett 
music: elyse blennerhassett, luca susti & tyrus 
sound mix: jason mcintyre

Last Stop For Lost Property: Text
Last Stop For Lost Property: Image
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